Saturday, June 28, 2008

All this and non-smoking bars...

Upon arrival in Indianapolis (several years ago), I remember complaining that there was absolutely nothing to do in Indianapolis. I only knew pharmacists at the time, and their suggestions always involved going to some Hoosier bar. Nico and I had not yet developed a taste for the finer things in life, and could not have afforded them at the time, anyway. Morale of the story: If you are ever thinking about moving to Indianapolis, I would strongly recommend spending two weeks there first.

Yesterday, I got an email from an old (old, old, old) friend. [That's probably two many olds, as I believe I am a couple of months older than said friend.]

"Maybe I'll try to escape the Pasadena heat and take the family to Newport for a day in Paradise. I haven't been there for ~20 years, so you might have some suggestions for activities out your way."

Off the top of my head, all my Newport picks (besides sailing) involve Newport bars (which though much better than Hoosier bars, probably do not fit the bill for minor children). With a little effort, I came up with the following list:

[I was trying to avoid:
1) the obvious: "Go to the beach"
2) the overly touristy: "Have a Balboa Bar or Frozen Banana"

3) the difficult: "Get pre-approved to test drive a Ferrari"]

Sorry for the sidetrack, here's my list:
1) Get here early and buy some (still breathing) fish.

2) Rent a Quadricycle (room for friends and family).

3) Ride the Ferry a bunch of times.

4) Visit the tide pools (low tide only).

5) Find a good picnic spot.

6) Catch a free movie (parking extra).

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Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

I don't think the Merino children qualify as small. Though bars, of course, still wouldn't be appropriate...