Monday, June 23, 2008

Emerald City Blues

Why is Virgin America 1/2 the cost of Alaska Air on a routine flight from Los Angeles to Seattle? Does it have anything to do with the people at Alaska knowing I have $500 in vouchers that are about to expire? Note to people at Alaska: SEA is your hub; you should be paying me to fly there.


Tana said...

Uh.. who's coming to Seattle, and why have I not been briefed on the situation?

Michael Lasko said...

Let's see:

1) Nicole is flaky. (have you seen when she last updated her blog?)
2) Michael is afraid of anyone under the age of 12.
3) My very favorite Vietnamese pharmacist is extremely jealous and doesn't want us seeing other people.
4) I could keep going...we'll be in Seattle 8/7-8/10 (followed by an excursion to the San Juans); please pencil us in somewhere.

Tana said...

1) Tell me about it. I was on the verge of asking you to tell her I wasn't speaking to her any more, but then I realized maybe she wasn't speaking to me any more, and this was the way I find out!

2) I used to be that way, until parenthood hit me (or rather, "kicked me to the curb" as a fellow parent described it). Now I am just afraid of anyone over the age of 12.

3) I don't buy that -- unless said pharmacist is coming with you on the trip to make sure you don't socialize with anyone. Then I'll buy it.

4) Will do! Good timing. Summer work deadlines suck, but mine will be passed by then.

5) Next time, perhaps you should think of a code name for "Seattle" so that anyone in the Pacific NW who unregularly reads your blog will be thrown off. Something like "Poughkeepsie" (of course, now you can't use that...)