Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michael B. Lasko, Pokerstar

I've been playing a fair amount of (legal) online poker at [Nico might say more than a fair amount]. For those of you unfamiliar with the bait and switch, is a free poker exists to get you hooked on poker so that you will move over to (a real money poker site). For those (like me) who do not part with their (real) money easily, one can occasionally win real money (and spots in real money tournaments) at, for the purpose of getting you hooked on poker so that you will spend (real) money at

This week I won a spot in a one million dollar tournament (by playing a free tournament at I finished in 1,965 place (out of 11,000 entrants)...good enough for a $150 prize. I would have finished a little higher, but I was already a half hour late for work, and started pressing. Figuring I would gamble the $150 away if I left it in my account, I cashed out my winnings.

Note to IRS: Although I have not spent any money on, I have spent more than $150 in Vegas honing my poker playing skills...let's call it a wash.

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