Monday, June 16, 2008

She had to Los Angeles...

If you were to attend a Pink Floyd or Who reunion, you would expect the band members to be...well, old.

As I attempted to capture my lost youth on Saturday, I was surprised at the seemingly premature aging of X. I did not expect the band to look like this:

But seriously, my grandfather should not be playing guitar in a punk band.

Jeez, the "after" shots of Exene Cervenka are just terrifying.

Notes on the performance/venue:

Very good overall; aside from their appearance, the band sounded exactly as I remember (leaving Nicole to remark: "I can't understand a thing they're saying unless I plug my ears")...except the lack of an organ took away from the blusie/Doorsie sound of their albums (Ray Manzarek must have better things to do); per Nicole, I had more hair than anybody else in the room (the punks had shaved heads...everyone else was bald); I am too fragile for a real slam pit (hey, I dominate at Violent Femmes concerts).

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Anonymous said...

everytime I read some comment about how some group from the 80s doesnt look like they did then, its so depressing.

Christ, its X, just be glad you got to hear this amazing band play and that they can still do it.

Exene was diagnosed with MS last summer, btw. Sucks..