Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicken with a view.

Alternative title was: I'd like to know what a five-dollar shake tastes like.

First day at work. Felt like any other first day of work in a hospital, with the exception of nearly every drug having some other name...and my reference books are in a container, or possibly in storage, so I'll have to fake it for a little while longer.

Dinner in Ahuriri at the Hot Chick. So far, the best restaurant I've eaten at in Hawke's Bay; well, if not the best restaurant, at least the one I enjoyed the most. Sorry I have no photos to post tonight; please believe me when I tell you: The view from our table is unrivaled in California...and the deep fried banana was exquisite.

For dessert: My first NZ thick shake. I'm not quite sure what a thick shake is, except that one cost more than a milk shake. Extra thick shakes are even more expensive than thick shakes. Mine was not terribly thick, and I was left a bit time I'll spring for the extra thick shake.


Anonymous said...

Just found the link to your blog on the emigratenz forum.

My kiwi husband is from the Bay and introduced me to the joy of the Hot Chick "chips" on one of our first trips back there. Yummy! Now we make sure to stop in on every trip down. That's only every two years at this point which is probably better for the waistline. Have you tried Rush Monroes for ice cream in Hastings yet? Great flavors.

All the photos are making me reconsider moving our timetable to move to NZ up by a couple of years.

gray said...

Oh i was going to write a comment, but i can see that my wife beat me too it.