Monday, February 22, 2010

Things accomplished (so far) on day one in New Zealand:
1) Cleared immigration/customs
2) Checked tandem at airport because it was unlikely to fit in rental car
3) Bought cell phone (actually just a sim card for an old cell phone)
4) Rented car
5) Dropped luggage off at hotel
6) Opened bank account
7) Won Car!!! (okay, it was at an auction)
8) Returned rental car
9) Picked up tandem at airport
10) Checked into hotel
11) Found Justice of the Peace to witness pharmacist application
12) Mailed pharmacist application via overnight courier to Pharmacy Council
13) Enjoyed a Mac's Gold.

Dinner with our Kiwi friends tonight; taking tomorrow off

Kiwi Mike is far more productive than USA Mike


Anonymous said...

Febus just made me read your post. Boss!! You have landed....safely! Congrats on "winning" the car... post a pic of it sometime. BTW, I've named your plant "Lasko" =) JLO

Anonymous said...

what's a mac's gold? any veggie options on that menu?

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

A Mac's is a Kiwi beer. We prefer Speights, but they didn't have it on tap.