Friday, July 16, 2010

Buying a house in New Zealand II

[Please see buying a house in New Zealand I for more info.]

Yesterday, Nicole and I attended an auction where this art deco beauty was being sold; or more correctly, it was advertised as if it was to be sold...

[Aside: although the guest bedroom does not have an ocean view, you are welcome to full use of the deck, and it is just across the street from the beach (as previously mentioned, not the best beach in New Zealand). Please take a moment to contribute to the Lasko NZ time share over in the upper left corner.]

The auction was quite crowded, with at least 30 people in attendance. Aside from a very low bid from a guy in front of us, Nicole and I seemed to be the only interested party in the room. We ended up with the highest bid, though just like an ebay auction, the house was being sold with a reserve. Our high bid got us called into a back room, where the real estate agent/auctioneer tried to see how much we were willing to pay for the place. They would not disclose the reserve price, but seemed to imply that we were $100,000 (NZ) short. Perhaps when we have learned more about Kiwi mannerisms, we will know if this was a charade to get us to greatly increase our offer, or if they were genuinely sorry that they could not sell us the house.

An interesting experience all around.

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