Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training for marathon #7

(Or maybe that should be training for marathon #8; I did not run marathon #7, but I did train for it).

18 mile run from our house to the Cape Kidnappers fish and chips place. [Note to any prospective SAG drivers: If I ask you to pick me up at a fish and chips place at the end of an 18 mile run, the following requests should be considered standard: 1) water 2) make sure the fish and chips are ready when I get there, 3) a towel, 4) a change of clothes.]

I had to go the long way (around Te Mata Peak to Tuki Tuki road) to get to 18 miles. The route looked something like this:

It was the most scenic run I have ever undertaken (and not coincidently, is the majority of the Hawke's Bay Marathon). Here's a photo I stole from a winery:


BruceandCarmen said...

You are amazing, doing 18 miles...i can't seem to break the 10K mark since i've been in NZ..I choose to believe its because I'm looking at such great scenery on my runs...planning on doing the Hill Free 1/2 Marathon in October...not looking good at all for me! You are my hero!

Michael Lasko said...

Ha! You haven't seen how slow I am. Also, I went 3 months without running when we got here, and am still trying to drop a few kiwi pounds.