Monday, May 12, 2008

99 bottles of beer on the wall

I used to have this theory that if one buys a rack for compact disc storage, one will quickly buy more compact discs to fill up said rack...requiring the purchase of a second (and third, and fourth) rack to make room for the additional CDs. My CD buying habit has been somewhat curbed in the last decade or so, but Nico and I must have >400 discs between us; (I know this because the 300 disc changer is full, even after removal of the music Nico would not want anyone else to know she owns). Obviously, CD storage is not really a problem anymore (I only keep the jewel boxes for nostalgic purposes...I suppose I only keep the 300 disc changer for nostalgic purposes, as well).

Wine storage however is another story. We have now filled: 1 small wine refrigerator (20+ bottles that we cannot afford to drink), 1 under the stairs wooden rack (80+ bottles as assembled by Nico), 1 old rusted metal thing that I painted green during pharmacy school, and has now begun to rust again after sitting in the garage for the last 5 years (15 bottles).

With the storage problem in mind, I have entered into full drinking mode. Maybe not full drinking full drinking mode, I would move to Las Vegas with my wine collection, and finish it all in 6 weeks. But I am forcing myself (and Nico, though Nico does not require much forcing) to drink a glass of wine a day. At this rate, we should be out of wine in about a year and a half (assuming a mild re-purchase rate).

So far, we have emptied:
1) Sterling Rutherford Carbernet (2004). Pretty solid cab for the price; it's on sale at Bevmo right now. I would buy more, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

2) Some organic red table wine...we suffered through a few sips before deciding it belonged down the sink. I think someone brought it to a wine party we had a couple of years ago. Note to winemakers: Nobody really wants sulfite free wine, they just think they do.

3) Bonny Doon Anglianico (2002). The 2002 was an Italian import; Better than I would have guessed, it tasted a lot like a typical Bonny Doon wine: Rhoney.

4) Bonny Doon Anglianico (2004). The 2004 was made with California grapes...we opened this one immediately after finishing the 2004, for a weird horizontal/vertical effect; I guess that would be a diagonal. Following the 2002, this bottle struck me as kind of light and fruity, but the next day (when tasted on its own), it also tasted Rhoney.

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omouse said...

You could always invite your sisters-in-law over for wine drinking.