Thursday, May 22, 2008

You people are just mean.

Nico and I have just agreed to not spend any more money. Yesterday, I passed up a $10 off coupon at Beverages and More (because I had to spend $40 to save the $10).

Needless to say, $150 per person is not in the budget to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the (still unfinished???) restored Balboa Theater. I spent many Saturday nights at the Balboa during my high school years (yeah, well it sounded cool when I was 16) was the only theater in Southern California (in the late 80s, at least) that did not confiscate typical Rocky Horror paraphernalia at the door. Alas, all those years of throwing rice and hot dogs must have left the theater in a state of disrepair, and the Balboa has been closed for the last 16 years.

Since I've been back in Newport, the theater has looked like this:

I guess they ran out of money, and never got past rebuilding the facade. I should point out that I have little respect for any non-profit organization in Newport Beach that cannot raise a million dollars just by putting up a giant thermometer.

I seem to have gotten off topic somewhere. In summation: Nico and I are no longer spending money. If you invite us out to dinner, be prepared to pay for dinner. Also, I will not be attending the screening of the Rocky Horror Picture show for the following reasons:
1) I don't have $300
2) It's supposed to be shown Saturday at Midnight (I guess that's really Sunday), not Friday at 7PM
3) It is unlikely that they will allow me to bring in anything good to throw

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