Wednesday, May 07, 2008

If you want to look at my feet, say so....but don't be a God-damned sneak about it.

Jacket required, tie optional; but since I had been waiting for an occasion to wear my new Brook's Brothers suit, I thought I would overdress a little for dinner at the French Laundry. Unfortunately, my one pair of dress shoes, which were not new at my wedding, got a little beat up in the suitcase. Even more unfortunate, after walking around Yountville for a few blocks, my shoes officially made the transition from "beat up" to falling apart. Fortunately, I was able to adeptly hide under the table cloth (at least until we were well into wine #2, at which point I no longer cared what my shoes looked like).

I vowed not to take any pictures during dinner...if that's what you're looking for, or an in depth review of each course, you can easily find photo-crazy people here and here. I did snap a (blurry) Juke photo of the SNAKE RIVER FARMS “CALOTTE DE BŒUF GRILLÉE” was not my favorite course, but it was in the top 3 or 4...and the mini brussel sprouts from the garden out front were the best vegetable I have ever eaten.

Conversation with Nico during the steak course:
Me: You should totally get an order of these brussel sprouts.
Nico: There were only two of them, a whole order would cost a fortune.
Me: No it won't. They'll only bring you four of them, though.

I had another Juke photo of Nico trying to drink the "coffee" that came with the coffee and doughnuts, but it proved to be too blurry to post. Seriously, did she think the 5th spoon they brought us was just for show? So instead, here's a picture I took in the courtyard during a much needed break after course 4.

Was it the best meal I have ever had? Absolutely.

Was it worth $800? Only if it's possible for dinner (for two) to be worth $800.

Was the experience life changing? I don't know about life changing, but it has been difficult to go back to that stuff the rest of you call food...


Tana said...

Lovely photo! (I mean the last one, not the piece of dead shoe or the piece of dead meat.)

Note to self to plant brussels sprouts in our garden next year. I will serve you four for just $10 each. But that's on top of the airfare/travel costs, which might be about $800 by then.

Michael Lasko said...

I did have to tell the subject to stop looking goofy a few times...