Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our First (Organized) Century

Yountville, CA (5/4/08, 6:45 AM)

A staggered start at the Napa Valley Tour de Cure allowed us to avoid most of the early morning traffic (there were fewer than 10 single bikes listening to the pre-ride instructions with us). Tour volunteers (and the Yountville Police Department) forced us to stop at every stop sign in the deserted town of Yountville, making for a very slow first couple of miles.

Easy Napa Valley rollers marked the first 20 miles up Highway 29 through Calistoga, followed by a short climb (we were passed by many single bikes) up 128 to Sonoma County and a long descent (we passed no single bikes) into the Alexander Valley.

We hit the 50 mile mark at Ridge (Lytton Springs), but the stoker would not let us stop; I guess it was only 10 AM, and they would not have been open for another hour.

The hill (128 again) was a little steeper on the way back into Napa Valley (we were passed by many more single bikes); immediately after crossing back into Napa County, I noticed that in Sonoma they are far better at maintaining their roads. My only mishap during the 100 mile ride involved running over a water bottle (both stoker and I hope it was filled with water) to avoid two giant potholes.

More Napa Valley rollers and a strong headwind (more single bikes passing us) made the 20 or 25 miles down the Silverado Trail rather unpleasant. Finally we turned back onto 29 (with the wind behind us), and rode the final 5 miles at 25+ MPH (passing over 50 singles, though many of them were doing the 50 or 25 mile rides).

Pedaling time: 6:15
Total time: 7:15

We stopped at every rest stop, but still made it back in time for tasting at Domaine Chandon (next door to the Veterans' Home) and Milat Vineyards (where we were staying), and dinner at the French Laundry.

No other tandems on the 100 mile ride (I saw two doing the shorter routes). Next up: a mere 100K at the Long Beach Tour.


Unknown said...

Well played. Dinner at FL... I'm a native and I've never even been.

Glad you made it across the finish line. Best I can say is that I rode my bike to work for the first time today. I'm not sure how I'll accomplish the uphill trip home, though.

Michael Lasko said...

Bike to work day (or week, depending on who you ask) is not until next week.