Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the grape lover in your house...

(Alternative title #1: Better than a free parade!!!)
(Alternative title #2: Don't worry, "sigmoidoscopy" is the name of that little hammer they hit your knee with.)

Volunteers Needed for Grape Cancer Prevention Study

Healthy adult volunteers are being sought to participate in a study
that will examine whether a diet supplemented with grapes can help
prevention colon cancer. The study is directed by Dr. Randall
Holcombe and is designed to see whether a component in grapes,
resveratrol, acts to block a key signaling pathway involved in the
development of colon cancer.

Participants will be placed on a monitored diet for 2 weeks which
avoids foods rich in resveratrol. They will then have a limited
flexible sigmoidoscopy to get a biopsy of the lining of the colon.
Then, participants will have their diet supplemented each day with
fresh grapes, between 1/3 of a pound and 1 pound per day for 2 weeks
and have the biopsy procedure repeated.

There will be no cost to participants. Each participant will receive
$100, vouchers from Ralphs to assist in the purchase of grapes, a
digital kitchen scale and cooler bag. This study is approved by the
UCI Institutional Review Board. For more information, please call
study coordinator Micii Martinez at 714-456-7069.

Randall F. Holcombe, MD
Director, Office of Clinical Research and Trials

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Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

Little hammer. Right. Very funny.

The problem with the free grapes is that you're not allowed to eat grapes for two weeks, then you have to eat lots of grapes. That's just wrong. Who wants to go 2 weeks without eating grapes? You doctors are mean.