Saturday, September 13, 2008

Since I only need one copy of the Big Lebowski, and many of you are probably wondering what to buy me for my birthday:

How about reserving an Aptera for me? Your gift will not only help the environment, it will also help me achieve my goal of looking like I come from the future, without having to shave my head. FYI: That's a Seinfeld reference, and is in no way meant to imply that any of my readers look they are from the future.

Important note: I have not fully decided, but I think I would prefer the plug-in electric hybrid. But if any generous gift givers think the all electric model is the better choice, I will certainly not complain.

Since many of you like the environment, but don't like me enough to spend $500 on a birthday gift for me, I have set up a "Buy Michael and Electric Car" fund. Your donation is fully refundable if I choose not to purchase an electric car--this is the same deal you will get from Aptera.

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Michael Lasko said...

I'm rethinking my plan for the hybrid model for the following reasons:

1) The all electric will be available a year sooner (sometime in 2009).

2) The main advantage of the Aptera over one of the many plug-in hybrids that will be out in 2010/2011 is it's ability to drive in carpool lanes (3 wheels=motorcycle in most states); I have little need to drive in carpool lanes for more than 120 miles (roundtrip).

3) The all electric model is $3,000 less; furthermore, because the battery in the all electric model is bigger, the proposed tax credit would also be bigger.