Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things you can never find when you need one...

Alternative title #1 was: "Hot showers are highly underrated"
Alternative title #2 was: "How to tell when you need a new water heater"

Since I went with "things you can never find when you need one" here are a few things you can never find when you need one...#3 is actually something you can never find when you're angry.

1) A camera
2) A fire extinguisher
3) A horn

Sorry, back on topic:
After a cold shower on Thursday morning, I made a valiant attempt at water heater repair after work on Thursday. Water heater repair did not go well, and resulted in a small electrical fire.

The photograph above does not accurately capture how small the "closet" in which our extra short water heater is supposed to fit is. [Is that a sentence? I've been taking cold showers for two days, my brain is frozen.] Getting the old one out required digging up the patio and sawing part of the old heater off; getting the new one in required sawing off part of the house.

A big thank you to Newport's best handy man (apparently not actively seeking business, or else I am sure he would have a dedicated website promoting said handy man business).

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