Friday, April 09, 2010

And now for the important stuff

Last weekend (while taking a break from tandeming), we stopped at Beach House Wines, where the charming owner invited us over to his other (apparently more profitable) business: Roosters Brew House. Sorry, there is no link (or photos--I had a camera, I'm not sure it was the sort of place where I'd be snapping pictures). Very Kiwi bar; full of men in coveralls, just off work...and possibly carrying their own beer mugs. Unlike any US brewery I've been to (which are really just restaurants that happen to make beer), Roosters is more like a winery that makes beer (they also serve Beach House wine). Although a sign on the door made reference to "lunches", I saw no other evidence that food is served. The best part about Roosters: Free beer from the Irish bartender--or maybe that's the best part of drinking with Irish friends...

In other news, there is good Indian food in Hawke's Bay: Master of India in Hastings (there's apparently another in Ahuriri) was considerably better than typical Orange County Indian cuisine. Now, if only I could track down a Mexican restaurant.

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