Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dangerous Country

Roundabouts (Traffic circles to you Americans) are one of the safer places to be on a bicycle, as the cars are forced to slow down to bicycle-like speeds. However, in a few places in and around Havelock, (non-cycling) traffic engineers have tried to make the roundabouts even safer by designing bypasses for cyclists. Yesterday, I made the mistake of riding the tandem on one of these bypasses, and promptly got hit by a van. The bike and Nicole came out of it in good shape; I'll heal; my expensive Santana Jersey is in need of some repair.

Please note: all photos that follow were taken are after the morning collision.

After cleaning up my wounds, and changing to a plain red jersey (to hide the blood), we tagged along on a wine country bicycle tour. The ride included a shortcut through an olive orchard with grazing sheep (just visible between the trees in this photo) running across the road.

I'm usually very good at remembering which wineries we've been to...but due to the pain (which was largely unrelieved by the afternoon sampling), I can't seem to recollect where I took these pictures. At any rate, most wineries in Hawke's Bay have some sort of beautiful picnic ground (or expensive restaurant) in which to rest for a few minutes.

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