Friday, August 25, 2006

6 Martinis for the price of 1.

Sorry, I left this witty anecdote off of the previous Bonaventure Post.

I had never had a Grey Goose Martini before, but it seemed like the thing to do while sitting in a revolving bar. Regular martinis were $11.75 (without the souvenir light-up glass), so I was a little afraid that I was ordering a $20 drink. Nicole resisted my instructions to order an appletini, and instead settled on a lemon drop.

Drinks, Take 1:

Waitress brings out a tray with our glasses and two shakers. I wasn't watching very closely, but she somehow managed to knock over both shakers, creating a big mess of ice and expensive vodka. She put the glasses down in front of us and said, "Well, here are your drinks". Nicole and I think this is hysterical.

Drinks, Take 2:

Waitress brings us new (frosty glasses). Pours Nicole's (sugared rim, with a lemon), pours mine...then says, I got these backwards. Nicole and I think this is hysterical.

Drinks, Take 3:

Waitress comes back with new glasses and shakers. The shakers are now labeled (with a lemon on top of one, and an olive on top of the other). "We're pulling for you", I say. Waitress pours drinks correctly, and thanks us..."because most people would be yelling by now".

Yelling? We felt kind of guilty, because she was the one going back to the bartender and explaining what happened. The bar takes an hour and twenty minutes to make one revolution...what could be the harm in waiting a few extra minutes for drinks?

Anyway, she only charged us for the lemon drop. I may never know how much a Grey Goose martini is supposed to cost.

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