Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You know there is not much going on in the world when I start off a post with my brand new pair of shoes!!!!

How was I able to afford such a fancy pair of shoes, you ask. Turns out I am not going to be layed off. Instead, we're looking to hire 25 more pharmacists. Pharmacists in (or interested in being) in the Orange County, California area: Would you too like to be able to afford a new pair of shoes of your own? Are you interested in the easiest job in pharmacy? Well send me a resume, and maybe I'll buy you a pair of shoes with the referal bonus. Disclaimer: your coworkers may be moderately irritating.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I resent that last statement!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed the potential layoffs. If anyone floats you a resume with branding experience send 'em to me. If I hire 'em I'll give you TWO pairs of shoes. (But I get to pick the size and brand.)

Michael Lasko said...

Wait a second, I have branding experience. I came up with (most of) the name for a timidly marketed antibiotic.

Of course, most of my time is spent looking at the floor, looking at the ceiling, and coming up with names like Florceilum. You can have that one at no charge.