Saturday, August 26, 2006

Best conversation in public ever...

So Nicole, Jessica, and I bicycled down to Dana Point this morning...we had planned on doing the Tour De 5 Cities, but somebody locked her keys in her car.

So we're in line at this juice bar/sandwich shop..and the line was long, because the BCI ride had arrived right before us. The conversation went pretty much like this (I did not have a tape recorder running, so this is just my best recollection).

Nico: Michael can't just sit around for 4 hours.
Jessica: See, I'm not the only one that has to always be doing something.
Michael: Yes, but I'm self-sufficient.
Jessica: I had a life before I met you two. (Did I mention Jessica is kind of loud?)
People in line behind us: Laughter.
Jessica: Hi!
Michael: Most certainly blogworthy.

Since it's the weekend, let me catch up on some unrelated news.

1) I am taking the stokefire challenge and attempting to get a tagline on a t-shirt. Tate is a professional thing namer; here are his entries. I am not a professional; here are mine.

2) I have not done a mileage update in a while.

(For the week)
New Balance miles: 24 (slight improvement over last weeks 23 miles--7 of those on a treadmill)

Total bicycling miles: 100

Seriously considering an Ironman in the spring. I guess that's only a 70.3 (which is half an Ironman), but it's a Kona qualifier. Guess I better learn how to swim.


Anonymous said...

Prior to the infamous conversation in which I was being friendly to the mirthful couple behind us...
Nicole: Jessica will come to my tea-party
Michael: Jessica will come if you offer water
Me: I only come because I'm being invited! (I also said EVIL! in my mind)

I would like to say, for the record, I declined twice this week and I was told saying no 2 times out of 5 was a good rate.

Michael Lasko said...

For you non-RxSolutions readers, this is a typical email conversation Jessica and I might have at work. At one point, the conversation would be an open thread among all our coworkers, but I have been reprimanded too many times by the thought now the email conversations are usually kept private. But if this were a private email conversation I would probably write something like: "Jessica says 'No' 40% of the time? No, that doesn't sound easy".

Anonymous said...

...on the Stokefire Challenge topic. I am really close to just printing some of the damn t-shirts myself.

I really want to wear my "elbisrever si trihs siht" and "Palindromes are eras emo rdnilap" shirts.

Not sure I can wait - nor that they'll win. Look for 'em on Cafepress sometime soon...

I crack myself up all'a time. I don't care if no one else gets it.

Michael Lasko said...

1/3 of online America seems to like your work (a considerably better percentage than I have going). What sort of approval rating do you think is needed to win?

Anonymous said...

Probably over 40%. My problem is that I can write for any given third of the populace - but the other two thirds will hate it.

...but I refuse to write the cocky "look at my ass, aren't I sexy" type of crap that everyone seems to vote for.