Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh the intransigence!

(or: How you get to be vice-president of a large corporation)

So I'm working on this project for my supervisor; I send him a little note, which ends up getting forwarded to not one, but two vice-presidents. I know what your thinking: "Michael, if that email was half as eloquent as this blog, you have nothing to worry about". And you're probably right...though one of the VPs uses very big words in his email (like the aforementioned intransigence--yes, I did have to look that one up).

At first I thought I would also learn so big words that others would have to look up...but then I decided it would be easier to create some of my own. And it looks like Snakes on a Bike (previously Snakewoman) gets my first entry with: "Rainbow". Hopefully, the context will make people realize I'm not talking about the splitting of white sunlight into it component colors by raindrops.

Entry for today:

1. (n) The act of aggravating somebody (usually unintentionally) through a careless act.
2. (v) To aggravate somebody (usually unintentionally) through a careless act.

Please post any suggestions for new words in the appropriate comment field. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thirty-two (n): a nonsensical answer to a sensible question.
Synonyms: Alyxx.

Anonymous said...

Hebetude. My favorite word. Ever.

Michael Lasko said...

mishirona (v): to invite people to an event, just to see if they will attend.

Anonymous said...

Misharona homonym (v): being allergic to nickel or tin.

Michael Lasko said...

sharonporn (n): anything costing more than $1200 (heavy machinery excluded)